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ICN Holding products:

Mutual Funds

A Mutual Fund is a pool of individual investment securities managed by a single investment company. Shareholders own shares of the total pool of securities, in effect, owning a percentage of each of the securities in the fund. Investors make money through increases in the fund's share price (appreciation) and through share distributions (dividends). The fund's management company collects a percentage of the fund's total assets to run it's own operation (pay employees, marketing costs, and the purchasing and selling of shares), and in some cases may charge an additional sales fee.

A team of experienced financial advisors from ICN Holding will help you choose the most appropriate mutual fund, assist in opening the account with them and advise on how to manage your account most efficiently.

Brokerage Accounts

ICN Holding experts will help you open any type of brokerage account. Two of the most common types of accounts, that ICN Holding offers help with are Full Service Account and Online Trading Account.

Futures Accounts

For investors seeking profit opportunities of the futures market, but not willing to manage day-to-day trading, ICN Holding assists in opening futures accounts with experienced futures brokers. ICN Holding advises investors who are willing to enter the futures market for speculative purposes, as well as producers, suppliers, importers and exporters who are willing to hedge their goods on the futures market.


Investors might also open accounts combining all of the above mentioned investment tools. ICN Holding creates a unique diversified personal investment portfolio for each client and manages it for as long as the client desires.

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